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In 1977 Wakefield District Scouts were awarded a grant of over £5000 which alongside further fundraising was used to purchase a 47ft narrowboat shell. The boat was delivered in May 1978 and later that year the boat underwent a full fit out enabling it to be used for both day trips and overnight trips. Soon after the boat was named Jubilee Venture and it has since been used by many scout groups and community groups on the River Calder and nearby canals in Wakefield. To this day, over 40 years later, the narrowboat remains in the hands of Wakefield District Scouts. In 2016 Wakefield District Scouts purchased a second narrowboat, a 52ft narrowboat from the East Manchester Community Boat Project which was renamed to Scouting Venture. Following a full interior refit, it now operates alongside our existing narrowboat, Jubilee Venture.


Further information about our origins and how our narrowboats have developed can be found in the PDF documents which can be viewed using the links below. These documents are still being collated and further documents will be added once they are finalised. A timeline for Jubilee Venture and Scouting Venture has also been created and can also be found below.

Jubilee Venture Timeline

Scouting Venture Timeline

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