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Central Yorkshire + Barnsley Scouts 

Young Masters Training Programme 

Wakefield Canal Boats 


Open to  


Ages 14 - 25

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Angus Ferguson

Wakefield canal boats are pleased to announce we are launching a young masters canal boat training program.

This will expand our existing training programmes for adult scouting members to explorers, young leaders and the network team.

Available dates for this training will work around when our canal boats and assessors are available, so please let us know your availability in advance.

You will achieve a scouting association adventurous activities narrowboat (narrowboat) permit (which is available once you have turned 18) and a Helmsman certificate from the Royal Yachting

This is a two-day course covers basic boat handling, safety and basic engine maintenance. It aims to teach boat handling & safety within a defined area. It is specific to canal narrow and wide beam boats. Each course will have at least 3 trainees and one assessor.

The cost is £20 and this covers the cost of the certificate

Interested, please contact or fill in the form below!

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