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Bookings & Calendar

Wakefield Scout Canal Boats has recently moved to a new online booking system. Click the button below and If it is your first time using the system head to 'register in the main menu.

2024 Hire Prices

Hire Duration
Scouting Venture (Wakefield Groups)
Scouting Venture (Other Groups)
Angus Ferguson (Wakefield Groups)
Angus Ferguson (Other Groups)
Part Day Morning, Afternoon or Evening
Day With Night
Saturday & Sunday
Weekend (Friday Evening - Sunday Evening)
Week (eg Saturday am to Saturday am)

Alternative hire periods eg. 3 nights or 4 nights are available upon request subject to availability. Please contact us to discuss your trip.

There will be an excess charge of £5 per hour if the engine is run for longer than 10 hours per day over the hire period.


A deposit of: £25 for bookings up to £99.99, £50 for bookings from £100 to £199.99, £100 for bookings from £200 to £399.99 and £150 for bookings over £400 is required per boat at the time of booking. The deposit is non-refundable once a booking has been confirmed.

The Balance must be paid 3 weeks before the start of hire.

Cleaning Requirements and Expectations:  

 When handing the boats back at the end of your hire you are required to leave the boats in a clean and tidy state. The expectations are as follows.  


  • Remove all kit, food, and belongings.  

  • Ensure cupboards are empty.  


  • Ensure cupboards are clean and wiped out 


  • Ensure all under bunk lockers are empty. 

  • Wipe clean all surfaces i.e., work tops, tables etc.


  • Ensure all toilet cassettes are empty and recharge with a chemical bag.  

  • Leave the bunks in the table and chairs configuration.  

  • Sweep all floors including the toilet.


  • Mop all floors including the toilet. 

  • Wipe around the toilet. 

  • Ensure sinks are clean. 

  • Ensure all pots, pans, cutlery, crockery are put away  

  • Ensure the fridge is empty and leave the door ajar.

  • Ensure the fridge is wiped out. 

Please note, If the boats are not to the standard stated above you will be liable for the cost of a clean at £50 per boat.

Booking System - Important Information

Our booking system is designed to save time by automating the booking process and reducing the need for manual labor. It provides a convenient and easy-to-use platform for booking. Additionally, it helps you to keep track of your bookings and payment schedules.

We have moved to an online payment method using a debit or credit card for all payments. Although the vast majority of groups have already adapted these modern methods we do appreciate that some have not and we urge you to have conversations with your managers, leaders and treasurers about this. There are a number of options such as group credit cards and prepayment cards.

When making a booking you will need to decide who the Master (Narrowboat Permit Holder) is for each boat The system will ask for there surname and compass/membership number. There is an option to ask us to provide a master.

A deposit payment by a debit or credit card will be required to complete your booking.

If you have any questions please let us know by sending an email to

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