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Frequently Asked Questions​

How do I get a Narrowboat permit?


Scouting Adventurous Activity (Narrowboat) permits are obtained through your own Scout District.  We hold training courses for beginners and refresher sessions during the year, usually in Autumn / Winter at the end of and before the booking season starts but occasionally at other times if the boat is not booked. Those who have not used our boat for two years are asked to undertake a refresher session on the boat.  


A charge of £50 for those outside Wakefield District Scouts is made to cover the cost of training and assessment.  No charge is made for refresher sessions.


Please use the Training Request Form to make a training/refresher enquiry.   



I have a permit having been trained on another boat – Can I still make a booking?


Yes, you can!  However, people who have qualified elsewhere are asked to attend at least one familiarisation session on our boat to get acquainted with our vessel.  If this is not possible we will make arrangements to do a practical briefing before you set off.



I am still training – Can I make a booking?


Yes, please do!  The boat gets booked up quite quickly so if you are training we would encourage you to make the booking sooner rather than later.  Tell us on the booking form that you are training for your permit and send us a copy once it has been issued.



We don’t have anyone with a permit – Can we make a booking?


Yes you may make a provisional booking and request that we source a Master for you.  With enough notice, although not guaranteed, we should be able to find someone who is available.  Evenings are easiest to source and with some planning, weekends have been managed.  Don’t forget that the Master will need to be included in your numbers, not necessarily overnight unless it is a longer booking. Of course, the best way to guarantee a Master is to train someone in your Group!



How do I make a booking?


Use the online calendar to check if the boat is available and then complete the online booking form. Bookings are accepted on a first come first served basis and at busy booking periods the calendar might occasionally be out of date.  If this is the case you will be contacted as soon as possible. The Narrowboat and NA Permit holders must be named and a copy of the permits uploaded.  The form is submitted to the Bookings Secretary who will confirm the booking once the deposit has been paid.  



How do I make payments?


Electronic payment is the preferred method, to the account detailed below, otherwise payment by cheque can be made.


Account Name:     Wakefield District Scout Council


Sort Code:            55-70-23 


Account No:         78558697


The balance of the booking fee should be paid 3 weeks before your date of departure.


Once I have made a booking with you, what else do I need to do?


•Review the risk assessment and make any adjustments needed for your group. 



•Make sure all adults have appropriate DBS certificates.  



•Plan your route!  



•Check with the Canal & River Trust website to see if there are any planned stoppages or restrictions that may affect your plans



What do I need to bring?


Please check the inventory and contact us if you’re not sure about anything.  The boat has enough crockery and cutlery for 15 people as well as a supply of cooking equipment.  You do not need to bring camping sized dixies and pans.  We leave a supply of cleaning materials in the kitchen cupboard so you don’t need to bring washing up liquid and soap. There is a fully stocked first aid kit on board.  



For overnight stays there are no pillows and everyone will need a sleeping bag.  The boat can be partitioned (doors open around the toilet area).  We have improved the sleeping arrangements by creating personal sleeping areas.  If you have a mixed-sex group and need more information about the boat’s layout then please contact us.



Where do I get the keys?


On receipt of the balance, the Bookings Secretary will send details of the nominated keyholder for your booking along with their contact information.  Please make contact with the keyholder to agree key collection and return as soon as possible; we will do our best to fit in with your travel arrangements.



Can I collect / board the boat somewhere other than Sea Cadets / Fall Ings?


We do not have permission to moor the boat anywhere other than at Sea Cadets and this remains the agreed collection point.  However, it might be possible for you to collect keys and move the boat to another boarding point earlier on the day of your booking subject to availability.  There may be occasions when due to river conditions the boat has been moored at a different location and in these circumstances we will confirm details as soon as we can.



What If……..?


Emergency contact details will be provided along with the key collection information and a copy is also kept on-board.



Breakdown:  If there is a mechanical failure or breakdown the Narrowboat team will endeavour to assist you as promptly as they can.  They will not be responsible for any delay, loss or damage.  You should not place any order for parts or work to be done without the permission of the Narrowboat team.



Accidents and Loss of Water:  The person in charge of the vessel is responsible for safe navigation.  In the event of an accident DO NOT admit liability under any circumstances, but take photographs if possible.  Contact the Narrowboat team giving precise location, circumstances, names and addresses of other persons involved and any witnesses.  The person in charge is liable for any wastage of water or damage resulting from faulty handling of the vessel, lock paddles or other equipment belonging to British Waterways.



Damage to equipment, discharge of life jacket cartridges, discharge of fire extinguishers: The cost of replacement will be levied in case of severe damage or loss.  The cost of a replacement cartridge for the life jacket will be levied if one is discharged without valid cause.  The replacement cost of a new fire extinguisher must also be met if the device is discharged without valid cause.



All incidents and damage must be reported to the Narrowboat Committee Chairman


(Phil Short - 07983 807477) within 48 hours of occurrence.

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