Walsden (Summit Rochdale Canal)


66 Miles & 112 locks 


1 Weeks Cruise. 


From Wakefield head upstream on the Calder & Hebble navigation following the Brighouse route to Cooper Bridge Junction. From here keep right to stay on the Calder and Hebble navigation to arrive in Brighouse Basin. After arriving in Brighouse basin follow the Sowerby bridge route and continue along the canal to Sowerby Bridge passing Elland and Salterhebble locks along the way. In Sowerby Bridge there are plenty of shops so an ideal place to stop for a break, see route above for more details. From Sowerby Bridge head upstream leaving the Calder and Hebble Navigation to join the Rochdale canal. Shortly after the first two locks is Tuel lane tunnel which is immediately followed by Tuel lane lock, the deepest lock in UK at 6 metres deep. This lock is operated by CRT lock keepers and is open all day on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays & Mondays during the main season. Passage on other days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays requires advanced booking, see CRT website for further details. From here continue upwards and having passed the village of Mytholmroyd, carry on through a short tunnel to arrive in Hebden Bridge a little further on. Hebden Bridge is a small town with lots of shops located on the edge of the Pennines, a lovely place to moor up and go for a leisurely stroll around. After leaving Hebden Bridge the canal meanders upwards through the valley and into the Pennines passing through woodlands and some small settlements along the way before emerging to arrive in Todmorden. Here there are yet more shops along with access to a facilities block with elsan disposal and water point. Just beyond is lock 19, Todmorden guillotine lock which requires a CRT key to operate. From here the canal continues upwards and into the heart of the Pennines. After passing the village of Walsden, head through a few more locks to arrive just below East Summit Lock, 36E. This is last place to turn around before heading over the summit which is usually only available to boaters making the onward journey and therefore marks the furthest point on this journey. There is usually space to moor up here if not turn around and moor a bit further down as it is well worth going for a short walk to the summit  above lock 36 before heading back. A highly recommended and very rewarding full week trip through beautiful towns and countryside with lots of amazing views over the Pennines. Can be challenging at times so worth stopping and taking a break at some of the many towns and villages along the way. 

Tuel Lane Tunnel.jpg

Tuel Lane Tunnel

Tuel Lock.jpg

Tuel Lane Lock

Hebden Bridge.jpg

Hebden Bridge



Lock 32E.jpg

Lock 32E

Lock 36E Summit Lock.jpg

Lock 36E Summit Lock

Marsden (Standedge Tunnel)

48 Miles & 126 locks 


1 Weeks Cruise. 


Leave Wakefield and head upstream on the Calder and Hebble Navigation following the Huddersfield route. At Cooper Bridge Junction turn left to join the Huddersfield Broad canal and continue upwards to reach the centre of Huddersfield. Upon arriving in Huddersfield keep straight ahead, passing Aspley Bridge Basin on the left and facilities block on the right. Continue under the road bridge and follow the canal to reach lock 1E a little further on. From here the canal becomes narrow which also marks the start of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal. Soon after is the original lock chamber of lock 2E and from here then canal weaves around a number of old mills to Bates tunnel and immediately after is the new lock 2E. Shortly after is another tunnel, Sellers tunnel which again also has a lock immediately after. This area has seen various developments in recent years as part of the new Huddersfield waterfront. Part of this included reinstating lock 3E back to its original position where it remains today as it was once moved a few metres further on to enable the canal to pass under an engineering yard which no longer exists. From here the canal climbs steeply out of Huddersfield through Milnsbridge and Linthwaite to arrive in the village of Slaithwaite. Here there are plenty of moorings and a facilities block along with several shops making this an ideal place to take a break and go for a walk around. Shortly after Slaithwaite is Shuttle Lock which is a guillotine lock and requires a CRT key to operate. From here the canal continues to climb up the valley through open countryside towards the Pennines. Upon reaching lock 32E this is the start of a series of locks known as the Marsden flight. After reaching the top at Lock 42E is the village of Marsden where there are lots of moorings and several shops which again makes an ideal place to stop and take a break. Just beyond Marsden is Standedge Tunnel, the longest tunnel in Britain. Passage through the tunnel is not included in this route as it requires advanced booking and is only available on certain days but there is a visitor centre which is well worth a visit. Another highly recommended and very rewarding full week trip through beautiful villages and open countryside with lots of amazing views over the Pennines. Lots of locks on this trip and can be challenging at times so worth stopping and taking a break at some of the many villages along the way.

Huddersfield Narrow Canal Lock 1E.jpg

Huddersfield Narrow Canal Lock 1E



Shuttle Guillotine Lock.jpg

Shuttle Guillotine Lock



Standedge Tunnel.jpg

Standedge Tunnel

Standedge Tunnel Visitors Centre.jpg

Standedge Tunnel Visitors Centre

Bingley & Skipton 

94 Miles & 80 locks 


1 Weeks Cruise


Leave Wakefield and head downstream following the Castleford, Leeds and Rodley routes passed Stanley Ferry, Castleford and Leeds to arrive in Rodley. From here continue along the canal passed Apperley Bridge Marina to Dobson Locks where there is a facilities block. The canal then passes the entrance to the former Bradford canal which closed in 1922 to arrive in Shipley where there are moorings and plenty of shops. Just beyond is Saltaire where there is Salts Mill which is worth a visit and it also has its own short stay moorings. From here continue upwards through Dowley Gap locks to arrive in Bingley where again there are plenty of shops. Immediately after is Bingley 3 Rise Locks, swiftly followed by Bingley 5 Rise Locks. These are both operated by CRT staff and passage can be made daily between 8am and 5pm during peak season, see CRT website for more details. Above Bingley 5 rise there is a facilities block with showers, located next to the café along with visitor moorings a little further on. Having left Bingley 5 rise locks the canal heads out into the countryside, passed the village of Riddleston where there is Old Riddleston Hall and onto the small town of Silsdon. Between Bingley and Skipton groups will notice there are no locks on this stretch of canal but instead there numerous swing bridges, a combination of both electric and manual bridges. From Silsden the canal continues to meander through the countryside towards Skipton with views both up and down the valley. Having passed the village of Kildwick and then Low Bradley the canal soon arrives in Skipton where there is a facilities block and overnight moorings. The town also has plenty of shops and Skipton Castle which is worth a visit if time allows. A challenging but very rewarding route with extensive views over the Yorkshire Dales, a trip though the renowned Bingley 3 Rise and 5 Rise locks and lots of places to stop and take a break.

Salts Mill.jpg

Salts Mill

Bingley 3 Rise Locks.jpg

Bingley 3 Rise Locks

Bingley 5 Rise.jpg

Bingley 5 Rise Locks



Skipton 2.jpg


Doncaster & Sheffield

116 Miles & 70 locks 


1 Weeks Cruise


From Wakefield, head downstream along the Aire and Calder Navigation passed, Stanley Ferry, Castleford to Knottingley. At the junction bear right to remain on the Aire and Calder and at the junction just beyond Pollington lock, turn right and follow the New Junction Canal to Bramwith Junction. The route to Sheffield continues straight ahead and passes Barnby Dun shortly after where there are facilities next to the lift bridge. From here follow the canal through Long Sandall Lock where there are also facilities to arrive in Doncaster a short while later. There is plenty on space to moor up with access to facilities and the town centre. Having left Doncaster, continue along the canal passed Sprotbrough, Conisbrough and the entrance to the currently disused Dean & Dove canal. Shortly after the canal arrives in Rotherham where there are visitor moorings and facilities. From here continue downstream to Tinsley locks and having passed through the 12 locks, follow the canal for the final stretch into Sheffield where there are moorings and facilities in the canal basin. A full week’s cruise which incorporates both electric & manual locks, electric lift bridges and passes lots of industrial sites not seen on our other week trips. 



Tinsley Locks.jpg

Tinsley Locks

Sheffield Basin.jpg

Sheffield Basin

Sheffield Basin 2.jpg

Sheffield Basin

Sheffield Basin 3.jpg

Sheffield Basin