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Jubilee Venture

Updated: Nov 9, 2022


Jubilee Venture is now out of service. The boat has suffered some corrosion to the rear of the hull on the base plate which has led to an ingress of water to the inside of the boat. The decision has been taken to remove her from the water, have the hull looked at in a controlled environment and then look at the options open to us.

We are aware that we have had to cancel some bookings and swap some JV bookings to SV, and we apologise for any inconvenience / missed trips this has caused.

To avoid any more disruption going forward we have purchased Angus Furguson a 55-foot-widebeam. Whilst this is a different type of boat, we will be able to carry on as normal when it comes to bookings in 2023 when Angus Ferguson will be available for hire along with Scouting Venture. We will offer training on the new boat and also support any bookings going forward but would hope that the transition would be simple.

It has been a difficult couple of months as Wakefield Scout Narrowboats with a lot of work going on behind the scenes but want everybody to enjoy their trip and we will do everything within our power for your booking to go ahead. We have been lucky to be able to purchase Angus Ferguson through a long-standing relationship with her previous owners. This will enable us to carry on and further improve Narrow boating for scouts and guides.


Wakefield Scout Narrowboat Committee

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