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Fuel Surcharge applied to all existing bookings - Please read the recent letter, sent to all hirers.

Dear hirer,

As you will be aware we are all facing increases in the cost of living, and in particular energy and fuel costs. Scouting is not immune from these costs pressures

One of the biggest costs of operating narrowboats is diesel fuel. We are paying significantly more for fuel than at any time before. Even the cost of replacing the gas bottles has increased sharply

This means that we have reached a point where we can no longer absorb these increases by ourselves, particularly as we have kept our hire charges at the same level for the past 2 years

Therefore, after a lot of discussion within our committee, we have decided to apply a fuel surcharge to all existing hire bookings that have yet to be taken. This will be set at £5 per day for the duration of your booking. This we appreciate may be unwelcome news for your Groups, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation in these difficult times

If you feel this is going to cause genuine difficulty and hardship then please get in touch with us

As an additional measure we are also applying an increase in all new bookings across both boats

We will be in touch with details of the additional charge for each booking as soon as we can, but in the meantime thank you for your understanding

Of course, if the current situation eases and diesel costs start to fall considerably, then we will revisit this decision

Kind regards


Narrowboat Committee

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